Inside The Box

Of the millions of people in the word, we women all have one thing in common. A period. Bloodbox 4her puts a unique and specialized twist on the typical monthly subscription box. Our boxes are thoroughly designed for every single one of you, hence why we have you complete your Period Profile, so that receiving your box can be enjoyable monthly treat, unlike your period. 

Our boxes are stuffed with high-end goodies for your hair, skin, body, and period, assuredly. Monthly, you will receive a variety of either brand-name panties according to your taste, lingerie to bring the sexy back, silk pajamas, or a robe for relaxing nights. Full sized skin products to keep PMS symptoms at bay, period products to help ease the trauma, make up, to further enhance your natural beauty, and treats for the mandatory sweet tooth that our cycles bring. Perfume samples, shower and bath products, and many additional products, curated for you, are also included. 

Bloodbox 4her aims to make women feel appreciated for subscribing with us. Every single one of our subscribers are automatically entered into our monthly draw, for a chance to win products worth $100 and up. Some items include Visa or gift cards, full sized perfume bottles, high end jewelry, travel vouchers, and much more!

We have recently partnered with Global Citizen, MHM (menstrual hygiene management), WASH United, and WSSCC, and donate 15% of our monthly subscription funds to help provide and regulate sanitary items for girls worldwide. It is estimated by UNICEF, that 4 out of 5 girls and women globally are forced to miss and eventually drop out of school, due to a lack of sanitary items. While on their period, they stay home and are ostracized. We, at Bloodbox, strongly believe in women supporting women, and unity. With your support, we aim to make menstrual items regular and accessible worldwide.